Production Release Notes - Version v2.208.1771

Release notes -- v2.208.1771 (since v2.208.1754)


Databse dr revival

  • revived the terraform databases for DR purposes in the older environments, since the apac0 centric ones require infra-installer data that's not yet available in those environments
  • updated prd0-aws-euw1 configs so they work

chore(servicetest): Enable ElementInstancesRbacOrganizationTestIT

  • Reenables test cases for service tests

ENG-1068 | feat(elements) : New API GET:/events/:id for Chargebee element

  • New API GET:/events/{id} for Chargebee element.

fix(notification): correct minor spelling issue (#13260)

ENG-767: SugarMarket - added new resources

  • Added new resources for Sugar Market element.

ENG-1461 | New API /incident-metrics for Zendesk with GET and GETById

  • New API /incident-metrics for Zendesk with GET and GETById

ENG-1344 changed MDCHelper vendor_times to merge overlapping calls

ENG-767-fix: update the pagination version in element table

  • Updating Sugar Market element to use the pagination V3.

Revert "feat: disable element instance upon oauth refresh failure (EN…