Production Release Notes - Version vhotfix-SDR-3036

Release notes -- vhotfix-SDR-3036 (since vhotfix-SDR-3021)


DELIVERY-1481 - Stripe: Added a new field in /Customers resource

  • Added preferred_locales field support in /Customers

EA-289 | Forwards fields to Rally as fetch to retrieve specific fields and processed by Vendor, not Cloud Elements

  • Improves performance for SEARCH APIs on Rally element when using fields parameter.

SLYT-1864 Upgrade tomcat verion to 8.5.41

EL-6953 Update to have synk

EL-6475-fix: deployment failure error correction

EL-6475-fix-1: remove questbackefs related queries

EL-6475-fix-2: consider all the tag_ids that were added