Staging Release Notes - Version v2.208.978

Release notes -- v2.208.978 (since v2.208.967)


RBAC 1.2: Share Instances

  • Adds ability to share instances across an organization

SLYT-1407: feat(formula): add event suppression

  • Change default debug logging enabled setting for new Formulas from true to false. This is done by changing the default in both the Java domain object and the database.
  • Change behavior of Formulas with 'false' debug logging enabled setting from never emitting step execution values to emitting step executions values upon Formula error. This is accomplished via passing an Event Emission Policy of 'onError' to the step end event type option within Bodenstein. An enhancement was made to Bodenstein where we went from a boolean option domain (which we were providing as 'false' when the debug logging enabled setting was 'false' prior) to the above mentioned Event Emission Policy.

TS-1551: Don't allow nulls if not supposed to passthrough

  • If the value is null in an array transformation only passthrough if we are supposed to

EL-3941: SFTP Improvements

  • Now the user will be able to select authentication type (Basic / Custom) from dropdown
  • When basic is chosen name ,username ,Hostname/IP, Password shows up
  • When custom is chosen name ,username ,Private key,Private Key Password shows up

EL-4316: Update descriptions returned via Hub APIs

  • Updated descriptions returned via Hub APIs

EL-4444: Fixed the platform swagger JSON errors for code generation tool

  • bullet separated list of highlights that customers will see in our release notes
  • also, when applicable, include any examples (videos, GIFs, images, etc.) that demonstrate these changes that our customers may want to see

EL-4483: SFDC Bulk for VDR object typecasting fix

  • Fix for SFDC bulk download failed with "Restart not supported for the job"

EL-4367: Fixed Microsoft Graph element re-authentication issue

  • Fixed re-authentication issue for Microsoft Graph element

EL-3974: fixed the metadata generation from models

  • Enhanced the metadata generated from the model.

EL-4473: Added new resources for SAP B1

  • Added inventoryGeneralExit, inventoryGeneralEntry, and inventoryTransfers resources for SAP B1 element

EL-4501: NetsuiteRestlets : Polling interval should be defaulted to 15mins

EL-4200: In Intaact where clause description must be changed for entities resource

  • Sage Intaact Where clause description change from status='active' to status='T' for Entities resource