Getting Started - How to Use Swagger Versions

The best way to ensure a new version of Swagger doesn't break your existing code is to define the specific version of Swagger you are using in your code. To do this, 

1. Call GET /elements/{id}/versions to get a list of all the element versions for system elements. We generate new versions based on every new server build, so you can essentially settle on a Swagger version that works for you and always call that. Please note each environment (US-Staging, US-Production, EU-Production) will have different swagger version numbers.

2. Specify the version you want to use in your Swagger API call with the following format: /elements/{elementId}/docs?version=xx, where xx is the version number you have settled on. If no version parameter is specified, version 1.2 is the default.

Swagger versioning only maintains historical versions of the Swagger on an element. Using an older version does not maintain older functionality of the endpoint.