Production Changelog - July 2022


  • The GET /formulas API call now supports filtering the response using the User Id. This allows isolating formulas for a specific user.


  • Pipedrive

Fixed issue with the behaviour of AND operator in where clause.

  • Snowflake

Updated the underlying JDBC driver to latest version: 3.12.5.

  • Amazon SQS

Fixed an issue where /messages could not be posted for non-FIFO queues.

  • Zendesk

Updated response headers to include the retry-after parameter.

  • BigQuery

Fixed concerns around on demand metadata refresh.

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Custom authentication is now deprecated on this element as Microsoft no longer supports it.

  • Netsuite ERP

Fixed issue with custom field data type support. The date-time type custom fields can now be passed successfully.