Production Release Notes - Version v2.208.570

Release notes -- v2.208.570 (since v2.208.529)


RVCL-982 Added "transformResponse" query

  • Added "transformResponse" query for the try it out functionality in UI

Hotfix: Fixed get sub account instance by id

  • Only allows viewing of instance by ID or get all of sub-account instances if user has privileges to view

RVCL-1114 ability to GET instances that have been deleted with a query includedDeleted

  • added the ability to GET instances that have been deleted with a query to includedDeleted (will be able to get the instances for a minimal period of time only)

EL-2650 Unhides ACT! Premium Element 

  • Unhides ACT! Premium element

EL-1786 GoogleAdwords fix API versioning, client id validation onProvison, update callback url

  • Fix Google Adwords
  • Current accessing to AdWords API version v201806 has been discontinued. Upgraded element to be version-compatible by providing version change option during provision.

EL-2422 Zoho CRM V2 - Fix Pagination Issues

  • Fix - Zoho CRM v2 - Only returns 200 records (Pagination Issue)

EL-2296 - Intercom New Marketing Element

  • Introduced new Intercom element to the Marketing hub

EL-2790 | Insightly : Improve logging during instance creation

El-2694 OneDrive Business: added search functionality

  • Added search ability to OneDrive Business GET /search

EL-2447 | Insightly - Authentication Errors

  • Fixed Authentication problems for insightly
  • Enhanced Element builder for support expressions in global parameters in setup pageUsage: key : Authorization value : Basic CE.b64(${configuration.api.key})

EL-2511 | Dropbox - /search swagger says start/end date is required but allows API calls with only one

  • Corrected the search description in swagger file.

EL-2620 Eloqua - Enhanced by adding /contact-fields API

  • Eloqua - Implements CRUDS for /contact-fields API
  • Reference

EL-2769 | Marketo: CEQL search should be removed for custom-objects/describe endpoint

  • Removed CEQL Search for custom objects /describe endpoint
  • Corrected models and model names for the post and patch requests for fields and custom object creation
  • extracted result object ignoring request id and success params for get objects

EL-2794 | Netsuite ERP amp; Finance : API docs description should be modified for multiple endpoints

  • Fixed multiple typos and descriptions in the api docs for netsuite erp and netsuite finance

EL-1689 Ability to add fields and retrieve only those fields in SFDC

  • Ability to add Column names in SalesForce element's resources

EL-2667 - adds firstlevel metadata to /{objectName}/metadata - helium version

  • Now Helium version of /objects/{objectName}/metadata returns the following data, related to HULK(bulkV3)

Helium version Response:

Hydrogen version Response

EL-2812 Salesforce Marketing Cloud - Upgrade OAuth Provision Setup

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud - Upgrade OAuth provisioning by adding ability to provision using both
  1. Instance Name - Like s1, s2, s3 … s10 - Connects to specific instance- Backward Compatible
  2. SUB DOMAIN Name - For all Instances - Connects to all instances- Upgraded Feature

EL-2858 - Enhanced the Netsuite elements to record the processing time data

  • The Netsuite elements now record the platform_process_time and vendor_process_time for all API calls

EL-2606: Boxv2 Migration Changes

  • Migration of Box V2 to Element Builder Format

EL-2436 Fixed pipedrive access token failure

  • Could create instance and executes api without failure with access token

EL-2888 | Marketo : API docs, authentication and other operations are broken

  • Fixed models for marketo patch resource for updating custom object

EL-2919 Google Drive - Team-Drives Resource Does Not Display More Than 10 Records

  • Fix - Google Drive - Pagination not works as expected for /team-drives API

Fixed models for hubspot crm and marketo