Staging Release Notes - Version v2.208.6

Release notes -- v2.208.6 (since v2.208.45)


EL-1374:XML To JSON Conversion Removal of Special Characters

  • Removal of invalid special characters appearing from Intact's bill API Response

EL-603 AutotaskCRM - Added Pagination Type, Start Index and Max

  • Autotask - Added Pagination Stuff like Type, Start Index and Max to Element Config

EL-835 - facebookworkplace - Transformations not works for Delete APIS 

  • Fix - Facebookworkplace - Transformation Issues for all Delete API's

EL-1072 Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations - Fix Bulk Issues

  • MS Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations - Fix `Failure to perform Bulk upload and Bulk download

RVCL-610 Redirect production signup page

  • Redirect console signup page in production to v2 staging sign up

EL-973 Box Element-Tags fix

  • Issue in Box element Tags feature has been Fixed.

RVCL-550 VDR instance level overriding upper level

  • This allows a VDR to have a field at the instance level that overrides the org or account level without deleting the upped level

EL-1257 Fixed SFDC Swagger errors- adds #ref according to RFC3986 Compliant 

  • Fixed Sage200 Swagger errors -- Added #ref for /reports according to RFC3986 compliant.

EL-1258 Fixed Sage200 swagger errors

  • Fixed Sage200 swagger errors -- Added missing ProductsGroupListObject model in swagger documentation.

EL-1283 Fixed swaggers validation errors for SAPS4HANA 

  • Pointed POST /business-partners Parameter-schema-#ref to businessPartners from businessPartner

  • Earlier it was referring to incorrect definition

EL-1282 Fixed swagger validation errors for SAPS4BAPI

  • Changed POST bapi/{bapiName}/execute Parameter-schema-#ref to bapiExecute from execute
  • Changed POST idocs/{idocName}/execute Parameter-schema-#ref to idocsExecute from execute

EL-1281 Fixed swagger validation errors - SAPR3BAPI 

  • Changed POST bapi/{bapiName}/execute parameters.schema.#ref to bapiExecute from execute
  • Changed POST idocs/{idocName}/execute parameters.schema.#ref to idocsExecute from execute
  • Changed POST customerse parameters.schema.#ref to createCustomer from customer
  • Changed PUT customers/{id} parameters.schema.#ref to updatePutCustomer from customer

EL-1267 Fixed swagger errors for googlesheetv4 

  • Changed of GET /hubs/general/spreadsheets/{id}/worksheets/{worksheetName}/rows/{cellId} to string.
  • Changed response model of GET /hubs/general/spreadsheets/{id}/worksheets/{worksheetName}/multiples to accommodate response.values as array of array of string type .

EL-532 - Servicenow Oauth - Discovery API enhancement

  • Standardised the URL for Servicenow Oauth Element.

EL-1280 Fixed SAPC4CHD swagger validation errors 

  • Added missing response model for POST /hubs/helpdesk/{objectName}/{objectId}/{childObjectName}/attachments

EL-1395 | Added versioning query param to GET /objects/{objectName}/docs API

  • Added version query parameter to the GET /objects/{objectName}/docs API, with a default value of -1. The default value indicates that the swagger docs should be regenerated for the call, rather than pull from a particular version

EL-1261 Google Analytics Swagger validation fix 

  • Fixed the mismatch in Request model in Google Analytics Element

EL-1278 Fixed missing request model for pipedrive - swagger validation 

  • Added missing request model in body for the PUT /hubs/crm/opportunities/{opportunityId}/notes/{id}

El 1149 : Dropbox Events Body require File's/Folder's ref ID when configured 

  • Dropbox event should contain ref ID when it is configured to be required in the element instance configuration

EL-1259 Bamboohr Changed file type to point to correct file definition 

  • Pointed to proper file definition GET /hubs/humancapital/categories and GET /hubs/humancapital/employees/{id}/categories

EL-1253 Changed response model names to be consistent with the RFC3986 

  • Changed model name to be consistent with the RFC3986 compliant - $approval to approval$attachments to attachments

EL-1270 Great Plains - Swagger validation fix 

  • Fixed Model Structure for Great Plains Element.