Staging Release Notes - Version v2.208.1924

Release notes -- v2.208.1924 (since v2.208.1908)


ENG-2325 | Dayforce HCM: updates to RETRIEVE API

  • Added expand query support for Dayforce RETRIEVE APIs. This allows a user to request nested attributes on a object

ENG-2534 | fix: Includes only required jars for AWS SDK, removes unnecessary jars that are not used in soba

  • Snyk: io.netty:netty-codec-http [HTTP Request Smuggling]

ENG-2302: feat(finance): implements webhooks for xerov2 element

  • ENG-2302: feat(finance): implements webhooks for xerov2 element

flow diagram:

feat(soba): Xero ON_PROVISION hook enhancements : SDR-4216

  • When provisioning Xero, no tenant id or tenant name is required, as long as the given Xero account has only one organization.

ENG-3046 ServiceNow - Missing Metadata Fields

  • ServiceNow - Missing Metadata Fields

Changenotif account delete

ENG-1 updated the SecurityDao cache

ENG-2578-fix: ZohoCrmV2 - use models to add missing fields to meta-data

  • Enhanced ZohoCrmV2 to use request/response models to build an exhaustive list of valid fields for all the objects (as zoho doesn't return all the fields like id by default.)
  • Enhanced ZohoCrmV2 to add proper error handling while reading meta_data.

ENG-3207 added null check before authorization in DELETE accounts/id