New and Improved Landing Page

To give users the most efficient, most intuitive access to their most frequently used resources, we're rolling out our newly revamped landing page across staging and production environments. Featuring dynamically updated navigation sections that respond to your use of the platform and give you easy access to your most frequently used resources, the new landing page provides a streamlined user experience, letting you get where you want in the Cloud Elements platform as quickly as possible.

Note that while we designed the new landing page to be more useful and get users more direct access to their most frequently used resources, no existing element instances are affected; the only thing that's changed is the landing page itself and what's available from it.

Accounts with No Instances

For new accounts or accounts that haven't yet authenticated an instance with any of our hundreds of elements, you'll see three preselected elements—Google Drive, Salesforce Sales Cloud, and GitHub, each selected for its viability in some of our most common use cases. The Transform and Orchestrate sections are grayed out and unavailable until you authenticate an instance.

From here, you can:

  • Authenticate an instance of one of our commonly used elements
  • View the contents of our Element Catalog
  • Learn more about elements from our documentation

After authenticating an instance, the Transform section becomes available.

Accounts with Instances

With an account that's been using the platform and has already created resources—element instances, data transformations with VDRs, and/or built workflows with Conductor or formulas—your most recently modified resources will appear in their respective sections of the landing page.

In addition, the Quick Access section shows a number of helper tiles for easy navigation to a number of commonly used sections of the platform.