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Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains - Why a GET All Call Returns a Summary of an Object Instead of the Entire Object
This is a common approach used by many API vendors, including Great Plains, where: 1. The fetch all API call returns a list of objects, each of which is a summary, that is, the complete object is typically not returned. 2. The fetch by ID call ret...
Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains - How to Securely Connect to Great Plains
Connecting to Great Plains requires exposing a port publicly. There are few options to add additional layers of security: 1. Build a host that does the custom authentication and if valid, it forwards the request to the Great Plains instance. 2....
Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains - Supported Versions of Great Plains for the Dynamics GP Element
We support any version of Dynamics GP that allows the installation of the Legacy WebService; more specifically, this entails the versions from 2010 to 2016 R2, as well as GP 2018.