Tips and FAQ

Dropbox - Performing a "x-dropbox-signature" Validation For Dropbox Events

Yes. Cloud Elements does perform the x-dropbox-signature validation for handling Dropbox events.

Dropbox - What ID Can Be Used To Get The Root Folder of Documents Hub Elements?

We are in the process of normalizing the documents hub even further, but there are always a few unique API provider differences and the 'ID' used to make a GET by the root folder ID is one such difference.

Currently the following values can be used in these elements to make GET calls directly against the root folder by ID (for example, GET /folders/{id}/contents or GET /folders/{id}/metadata).

  • Box: 0. For example GET /folders/0/contents.
  • Dropbox: Double URL-encoded path: %252F. For example, GET /folders/%252F/contents.
  • Google Drive: root.  For example, GET /folders/root/contents.
  • OneDrive: root. For example, GET /folders/root/contents.
  • ShareFile: Whatever value was input at instance provision as the Sharefile root folder, such as top. For example, GET /folders/top/contents.

Dropbox - What happens to deleted files?

If you do not permanently delete Dropbox files, they remain in your Trash folder and generate an UPDATED event type if they are re-created.

Dropbox - What's a refid?

Dropbox includes a refId for certain APIs. This is the actual ID of the file sent back from Dropbox. It can be used as the ID with all API calls with the exception of GET /folders/{id}/contents.

The GET /folders/{id}/contents endpoint does not support the refId at this time.