Salesforce Sales Cloud - Using Virtual Data Resources with Polling

You have created your virtual data resource and followed all the instructions given in our Salesforce Sales Cloud - Events / Polling and Why Would a Polling Job Fail to Return Events and still, somehow the polling for Salesforce Sales Cloud using virtual data resources is not working. Rest assured that we have seen this issue before, and we will show here all the steps you need to take in order to make sure you overcome this setback.

When you create a new instance of Salesforce with a polling configuration, one of the required fields is "Object to Monitor for Changes", essentially that is the object that we will be monitoring when a record for that Object is created, updated or deleted (i.e. Contacts, Accounts, etc...). What you may not see right away, is that an Event Poller URL is automatically generated after the instance is created and an"Object to Monitor for Changes" is provided, and this URL requires that the virtual data resource yield to some key properties in order for it to work properly with our polling engine. Here is what the Event Poller URL looks like - you can check that out by going into the instance of Salesforce Sales Cloud you have created, and scrolling down to Event Poller URL.



So let us give you a little bit more background on why the Event Poller URL is important and relevant here:

1. It sets the default value of the yielding property, in the case of Salesforce Sales Cloud, the "LastModifiedDate" property.

2. It requires deleted records to be included, hence the need to yield to the "IsDeleted" property.

3. And last, but just as important, it requires the created property to be included, so Salesforce recognizes a newly created record. 

But enough said, here are the three required properties when creating a virtual data resource and using it for polling within the Salesforce Sales Cloud element:

- "CreatedDate"

- "LastModifiedDate"

- "isDeleted"

Once you have those 3 properties mapped within your virtual data resource as well as all the other properties you would like to have included, you should be able to use the virtual data resource in the polling configuration of your Salesforce Sales Cloud element.