Shopify Querying

The Cloud Elements Query Language (CEQL) provides a standard way to search across all of our elements. Many API providers support some form of searching in their APIs but each one approaches searching differently. Rather than having you research how to query each resource at a provider, we've normalized your search experience. Cloud Elements translates your queries to the API provider's search syntax.

When querying in Shopify, keep the following in mind:

  • You can search by a different set of fields for each resource. You can find more details about which fields you can search by on Shopify's API resource specific documentation. For example, you can search the following fields in /orders:
    • financial_status
    • fulfillment_status
    • name
    • created_since
    • createdatmax
    • updatedatmin
    • updatedatmax
    • status
  • To query by date for most resources you need to use where = created_at_min='2017-06-01T07:12:57-04:00' instead of just querying using the created_at field name.
  • Querying using AND is supported, but OR is not.
  • Use CEQL to query the following endpoints:
    • GET /products
    • GET /orders
    • GET /orders/{orderId}/fulfillments
    • GET /orders/{orderId}/fulfillments-count
    • GET /orders/{orderId}/payments
    • GET /orders/{orderId}/refunds
    • GET /query
    • GET /collects
    • GET /{objectName}
    • GET /{objectName}/{objectId}/{childObjectName}
    • GET /smart-collections
    • GET /price-rules
    • POST /bulk/query
    • GET /customers
    • GET /custom-collections
    • GET /custom-collections-count
    • GET /metafields

For more information about CEQL, see the API documentation for the element or Querying with CEQL.