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Element Information Details
Provider API Documentation Sendoso API documentation
Authentication OAuth 2.0
Events Polling
Bulk Not supported
Virtual Data Resources and Transformations Supported

Sendoso Element

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Authentication Prerequisites

The Sendoso element uses the OAuth 2.0 authentication workflow. To provision an instance with the Sendoso element all you require is an OAuth API Key and OAuth API Secret. You need to send an email to to receive these credentials.

Required Authentication Parameters

You can authenticate an element instance using the UI or via API calls. For detailed information on how to authenticate an instance, see our related documentation:

To authenticate an instance of the Sendoso element, you will need the following parameters:

Parameter Name/UI ValueAPI ValueDescriptionSource
OAuth API Keyoauth.api.keyProvided by SendosoAuthentication Prerequisites
OAuth API Secretoauth.api.secretProvided by SendosoAuthentication Prerequisites
OAuth Callback URLoauth.callback.urlDefault value is an Element Instance (API)

Sample Configuration JSON

"configuration": {
    "oauth.api.key": "[myApiKey]",
    "oauth.api.secret": "[myApiSecret]",
    "oauth.callback.url": ""

Element Fact Sheet and Reference

Authentication and Configuration Parameters

To see all authentication parameters for the Sendoso element, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to Cloud Elements and navigate to Elements.
  2. Hover over the card for an element, and then click My Resources. 
  3. In the top navigation toolbar, click Setup.
  4. From the Setup page, you can view a complete list of the element's authentication and configuration parameters.

Events and Supported Resources

The Sendoso element supports events via polling. For detailed information about our Events framework and how to configure an element instance with events, see our documentation:

You can set up polling events for the following resources of the Sendoso element:

  • groups
  • return-addresses
  • touches

Queryable Endpoints

You can use CEQL to query the following endpoints of the Sendoso element:

  • GET /bulk/jobs
  • GET /gifts
  • GET /{objectName}
  • GET /{objectName}/{objectId}/{childObjectName}
  • GET /touches
  • GET /journals
  • GET /payments
  • GET /purchase-orders
  • GET /tax-rates

Element API Documentation

The base URL for all API requests is

Provider Documentation