Search Custom Fields

Cloud Elements supports searching on the following types of custom objects:

  • boolean
  • long
  • string
  • multiselect
  • enums

Note: You can search on only one custom field at a time.

To search on custom fields, add custom.<type> to the field reference and value in your where clause. Also, use the backtick ( ` ) symbol to enclose the field reference. For example:

  • To search on a custom boolean field:
`custom.boolean.scriptId` = 'custentity_2663_direct_debit' and `custom.boolean.value` = 'false'
  • To search on a custom multiselect field:
`custom.multi.scriptId` = 'custentity_2663_direct_debit' and `custom.multi.value.internalId` = 1
  • To search on a custom long field:
`custom.long.scriptId` = 'custentity1' and `custom.long.value` = 1000