SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer Helpdesk API Provider Setup

API Provider Setup

To authenticate an element instance, use credentials associated with a Development User. The user credentials associated with an authenticated element instance must have access to any resources that you access.

To confirm or change access to resources:

  1. Go to your SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer application.
  2. Click Administrator in the main menu, and then click Business Users. Administrator Page
  3. Select your user in the list, and then click Edit>Access Rights.
  4. Review the Work Center / View Name column for resources that you need access to.
  5. Select Assigned to User for each resource, as shown for the Leads resource below. Leads Selected

    Note: If you experience an error, click Edit without Business Roles at the top of the page and try again.
  6. Refresh your session by closing and logging back in.