Box - How to Troubleshoot Duplicated Event Issues

The Box element is currently supporting three types of events: Webhook V1 events, Webhook V2 events, and Polling events. By default, for all our higher environments our app configured for Webhooks V1.

Duplicated events can appear when multiple webhooks are involved and they catch the same event, while each is sending a notification. Here are the two possible cases and their solutions:

1. The Webhook 1 is enabled but also Webhook V2 through the Box element call POST/webhooks. In this case, the solution is to either delete v1 configuration from BOX UI or delete webhook v2 using our APIs.

2. The Box account used to create the instance is at fault for sending multiple events. In this case there could two different webhook applications set up in the concerned Box account and each application is generating an event. To solve the issue one of those applications should be disabled.