Extend Elements

Add resources to existing elements with Element Builder

Extend Elements

Element Builder gives you the integration tools to extend the current feature set of any of our Elements by adding a resource or method. If your use case requires a resource our Element doesn’t currently support, you can easily add it in yourself using Element Builder.

Each element starts with a standard set of features, including authentication, paging, errors, events and search. Use Element Builder to add: 

  • Additional Resources: With an HTTP verb like POST, GET, PATCH, PUT, or DELETE) .
  • Events: Cloud Elements currently supports building integrations with polling or webhooks capability. 
  • Bulk Functionality: Cloud Elements supports bulk download of objects in JSON format if the endpoint supports filter by date.
  •  Docs: API documentation is automatically generated for your updated element.

Add Resources to an Existing Element

You can extend an element by adding resources. To add a resource, hover over an element card, and then click My Resources. After you arrive on the editable Resources page, follow the instructions in Define New Resources