Marketo - Page Size Limits

The default page size for some endpoints (/activities, /campaigns, /companies, /contacts, /leads, /lists) in Marketo is 300 records. To avoid this limitation, the bulk functionality can be used. Marketo element supports two versions of bulk - Bulk v1 and Bulk v2. Bulk v1 is Cloud Elements Bulk Endpoints whereas Bulk v2 is Native Bulk Endpoints. 

Cloud Elements Bulk Endpoints

If you are using the bulk endpoints provided by Cloud Elements, we suggest the maximum number of records that can be requested in a query be 10,000, to help you avoid running into API rate limits. For example:

select * from leads limit 10000

Native Bulk Endpoints 

If you are using native bulk endpoints, you may want to include the to/from dates in the query. This filters the records by the date range specified. If the to/from dates aren't specified data will be retrieved for Now minus 31 days. Marketo also has a file size limit of 500MB/day.