Salesforce Sales Cloud - The 'event.objects' Polling Framework

The event.objects configuration key represents the old polling framework for Salesforce Sales Cloud. Although not deprecated, its configuration is rigid and Cloud Elements has moved away from supporting this framework. However, you are still more than welcome to utilize this functionality.

How Does it Work? 

Through the Authentication UI, there's an optional field labeled "Objects to Monitor for Changes" where you can indicate the resources to start monitoring.

Ensure that the resources match the provider names exactly. You can specify multiple resources through a comma-delimited list such as `Contact, Account`.

By specifying these resources, the event.objects polling framework auto-generates the query URL used to poll against the service provider. For example, placing Contact into this field generates the following URL:


Changing the Objects to Monitor

This polling framework, although rigid, is capable of supporting dynamic changes to the objects it monitors.

The following workflow illustrates the best practice in creating a dynamic poller using our old polling framework:

  1. PATCH event.vendor.type with {"propertyValue":“polling”}
  2. PATCH event.objects to {"propertyValue":“Contact”}
  3. PATCH event.notification.enabled to {"propertyValue":"true"}
  4. PATCH event.objects with either {"propertyValue":“Account”} or {"propertyValue":“”}

This will preserve the functionality of the event.poller.urls, as well as the query URLs throughout any dynamic resource monitoring.