Cloud Elements Version 2.163

Element Updates

Greenhouse: New element

We added the Greenhouse element to the Human Capital hub. Use the Greenhouse element to manage candidates and jobs.

Marketo: Custom objects APIs

We added the following endpoints to manage custom objects in Marketo:

  • GET /custom-objects
  • GET /custom-objects/{customObjectName}/custom-fields
  • GET /custom-objects/{customObjectName}/custom-fields-templates
  • POST /custom-objects/{customObjectName}/custom-fields
  • GET /custom-objects/{customObjectName}/custom-fields/{id}
  • PATCH /custom-objects/{customObjectName}/custom-fields/{id}
  • DELETE /custom-objects/{customObjectName}/custom-fields/{id}

Documents hub: Added support for nextPage token

Use nextPage to paginate response to GET /folders/contents and GET /search requests.

Maximizer: Added the Maximizer Datacenter configuration

When you authenticate an element instance of Maximizer, include a value in Maximizer Datacenter (maximizer.datacenter). Use the data center where you access Maximizer if different than the default caw.

Expensify: Updated GET /reports to return report contents

Previously GET /reports returned only the file name reports, but now returns the contents as well.

Sage One: Added update and delete endpoints for /bank-accounts and /ledger-accounts

We added the following endpoints to Sage One:

  • PUT /bank-accounts
  • DELETE /bank-accounts
  • PUT /ledger-accounts
Note: Sage One does not support DELETE /ledger-accounts.

Citrix Sharefile: Added /revisions to the /files resource

Use the following endpoints to interact with file revisions:

  • GET /files/{id}/revisions
  • GET /files/{id}/revisions/{revisionId}
  • GET /files/revisions
  • GET /files/revisions/{revisionId}

OneDrive: Authenticating through Cloud Elements 2.0 supports converged apps

We updated the scopes passed when you authenticate in Cloud Elements 2.0.

Salesforce Files: Added /revisions to the /files resource

Use the following endpoints to interaction with file revisions:

  • GET /files/{id}/revisions
  • GET /files/{id}/revisions/{revisionId}
  • GET /files/revisions
  • GET /files/revisions/{revisionId}

Previously GET /search returned incorrect file ids, while GET /files/metadata and GET /folders/contents returned the correct ids. Now GET /search returns the correct ids.

Marketo: Updated GET /objects/{objectName}/metadata to work with all available objects

Previously GET /objects/externalActivityTypes/metadata and GET /objects/externalActivityTypesAttributes/metadata returned 400 errors.

Act-On: Corrected bug that prevented creating and updating lists and bulk lists

Previously, we passed content-type: application/json in the request header, but Act-On expects multipart/form-data. We now pass the correct content type.

Elements (general): Fixed a bug where users could not retrieve object metadata for certain elements

GET /objects/:name/metadata requests did not work for certain elements. We fixed the bug and you can return the metadata for objects in elements.

Platform Updates

Callback URL failure emails are unique to element instances

When you receive Callback URL failure emails we specify the element instance related to the failure.

Search element and formula instances

Use the searchText query parameter with GET /instances or GET /formulas/instances to search on the element instance name, formula instance name, or element key.