Cloud Elements Version 2.161

Element Updates

Mailchimp v3.0: Renamed listsActivities object on to listsContactsActivities

listsContactsActivities more closely represents the object.

Docusign: Now Supports OAuth 2.0 Authentication

We added functionality for you to authenticate a Docusign element instance using OAuth 2. Previously Docusign supported only custom authentication using a user name, password, and API Key. That Authentication Type is now called oauth2password. You can now choose an Authentication Type of oauth2.

Zoho CRM: Added cases Resource

We added the following endpoints for the cases resource:

  • GET /cases
  • POST /cases
  • DELETE /cases/{id}
  • GET /cases/{id}
  • PATCH /cases/{id}

Zoho CRM: Added support customFieldsOnly Query on the Discovery API

We enhanced /objects/{objectName}/metadata to support customFieldsOnly.

Fortnox: Added the DELETE /files/{id} Endpoint

Use DELETE /files/{id} to delete a file by id.

Sage One: Added Endpoints

We added POST /ledger-accounts and POST /bank-accounts endpoints.