Cloud Elements Version 2.157/2.158

March 19, 2018

Element Updates

Twilio: Updated models for accounts and messages resources

We updated the models for the GET /accounts, GET /accounts/{id}, GET /messages, and GET /messages/{id} endpoints.

Box: Updated models for the users resource

We updated the models for the GET /users, GET /users/{id}, POST/users, and PATCH /users/{id} endpoints.

Microsoft SQL Server: Fixed bug where a table could have multiple primary keys

Previously the element treated identity columns as primary keys even when another primary key was identified. The Microsoft SQL Server elements treats columns as primary keys only if they are designated as primary keys.

Intacct.: Updated GET /checking-accounts/{id} to GET /checking-accounts/{recordno}

The id used to specify a checking account is RECORDNO not BANKACCOUNTID.

Box: Added support to update folder descriptions

Update folder descriptions with PATCH /folders/metadata or PATCH folders/{id}/metadata.

Netsuite ERP 2016 Release 1: Added several resources

We added the following resources:

  • billing-accounts
  • campaigns
  • currencies
  • customer-statuses
  • deposits
  • item-receipts
  • inventory-adjustments
  • inventory-transfers
  • states
  • transfer-orders
  • work-orders
  • budgets
  • currency-rates

ZuoraV2: Updated subscriptions endpoints

The id path parameter in subscriptions endpoints accepts either the subscription ID or the subscription number.

Oracle Eloqua: Added accounts resource

We added the accounts resource with CRUD endpoints (GET, GET {id}, POST, PATCH, DELETE).

Hubspot Marketing: Added deals resource

We added the deals resource with CRUD endpoints (GET, GET {id}, POST, PATCH, DELETE).

Square: Updates

We fixed a pagination bug on the GET /cutomers endpoint and added the /ping endpoint.

We updated the models for:

  • PATCH /hubs/employee/employees/{id}
  • GET /locations/{id}/transactions
  • PATCH /hubs/employee/timesheets/{id}
  • POST /hubs/employee/locations/{id}/transactions/{transactionId}/capture

Zoho: Updated description of the Authentication URL parameter required to authenticate an element instance

When authenticating an element instance in the UI, hover over the question mark to see more information about what values to enter based on your Zoho domain.

Oracle Eloqua: Added client-contacts resource and support for events for client-contacts

We added the client-contacts resource with CRUD endpoints (GET, GET {id}, POST, PATCH, DELETE). You can also set up polling for client-contacts.

Hubspot CRM: Added support for adding virtual data resource sub-objects to API docs

You can now add virtual data resource mapped to sub-objects at a Hubspot CRM element to the API docs. For more information, see the Release Notes for release 2.152.

Bullhorn: Support for specifying data centers

Bullhorn requires you to connect to a specific data center. When authenticating with Bullhorn, reference this table of examples (see the full list of URLs at Bullhorn):

Login URL
OAuth Authorization URL
OAuth Token URL
U.S. East Coast Data Centerhttps://rest.bullhornstaffing.com
U.S. West Coast Data Centerhttps://rest-west.bullhornstaffing.com
UK Data Centerhttps://rest-emea.bullhornstaffing.com