Cloud Elements Version 2.154

February 26, 2018

Element Updates

Google Drive: Order search results

You can now order search results from GET /search and GET /folders/{id}/contents requests by name, createdDate, and modifiedDate. For example:

  • GET /search?path=/pathname&text=searchterm&orderBy=name desc
  • GET /search?path=/pathname&text=searchterm&orderBy=name desc,createdDate asc
  • GET /folders/0B4T4KJqlnrIENmw3VzN0c3NnYjA/contents?orderBy=modifiedDate

Google Suite: Background and foreground colors

We updated the Google suite element to support background and foreground colors.

Microsoft Graph: New element

We added the Microsoft Graph element to access the Microsoft Graph API and manage calendars and other objects.

Docusign: Added recipients endpoint to the envelopes resource

You can now GET all the recipients of an envelope using GET /envelopes/{id}/recipients.

Netsuite: Added support for more custom field types

The following types of custom fields can be included in the POST request on Netsuite elements:

  • _checkBox
  • _currency
  • _date
  • _datetime
  • _decimalNumber
  • _document
  • _eMailAddress
  • _freeFormText
  • _help
  • _hyperlink
  • _image
  • _inlineHTML
  • _integerNumber
  • _listRecord
  • _longText
  • _password
  • _percent
  • _phoneNumber
  • _richText
  • _textArea
  • _timeOfDay
  • _multipleSelect

Box: Added the ability to specify access level to files

We added a new access-level query parameter for the following endpoints:

  • /files/links
  • /files/{id}/links
  • /folders/{id}/links
  • /folders/links

SugarCRM: Added support for changes to Winter '18 Release

Beginning with the Winter '18 Release, Sugar will prevent REST API access to Sugar from unknown platform types. When you authenticate an element instance, you can now pass the sugar.platform to prevent any connection issues related to platform. See Sugar's documentation for more information.

Cloud Elements Platform Updates

Security Updates

We made several changes to security in this release including:

  • Any users with the MODIFY_SECURITY privilege can now update their organization's name, via PUT /organizations/me.
  • Deleting an account within your organization will now delete all of the users associated with the account.
  • Permanently deactivating an account within your organization (e.g., PATCH /accounts/{id}?permanent=true { "active": false }) behaves the same as a deletion, and all of the account users will be deleted.
Note: Any deletions of a user, either by deleting or permanently deactivating the account, or directly deleting the user, will in turn delete all of the user's jobs (API scheduled, bulk, formula trigger, and polling).

Cloud Elements 2.0 supports Custom JS only transformations

Previously, if you attempted to create a transformation using only Custom JS, you received an error indicating at least one field level transformation was required. You can now create a transformation exclusively through Custom JS.