Cloud Elements Version 2.151

February 5, 2018

Element Updates

Intacct.: Added checking-accounts resource

Use the checking-accounts to retrieve a list of checking accounts or a specific account.

Google Suite: Updated to better support message attachments

We updated Google Suite so when you make a POST /messages request with an attachment we use the optimal Google endpoint.

Dropbox Business: Authenticate in Cloud Elements 2.0

We updated Dropbox Business so you can authenticate an element instance in Cloud Elements 2.0.

Adobe Sign: Fixed bug that prevented patching

You can now use PATCH /instance/{id} and PUT /elements/{keyOrId}/instances/{id} requests to update an authenticated Adobe Sign element instance.

Box: Improved handling of rate limit exceptions

When Box returns a 429 error, it includes a retry-after value indicating the number of seconds before Box will accept the next request. We now forward the retry-after value.

Google Drive: Updated GET /search endpoint

Previously if you specified a path with a GET /search request, we returned all results. The request now works as expected.

Cloud Elements Platform Updates

Added GET /formulas/analytics/statuses endpoint to retrieve the current number of formula executions in each status

Use GET /formulas/analytics/statuses to retrieve the status analytics of formula executions within a given date/time range. If any executions are in a retry status, you'll get a list of those execution IDs, and the retry number that will execute next.

Added release version to the login page

Ever wondered what version of Cloud Elements you're using? When you log in to, look under the Privacy Policy at the bottom.