Authenticate Connections with API Providers

Connecting to an API provider is at the core of Cloud Elements. The connection results in an element instance id and an element token which we use when you make API requests to the provider through Cloud Elements.

There are two ways to authenticate element instances: through the UI and by using the Cloud Elements /instances endpoints.

  • UI Authentication: Authenticate through the UI to test the connection an the element APIs. In many cases, you use the Cloud Elements application credentials to authenticate and cannot enter your own app's credentials. UI authentication is fairly straightforward, you select an element, complete some fields, and create the instance. See Authenticate an Element Instance (UI).
  • API Authentication: This is the code that you need to include in your application to enable users to authorize your app to access their account at the API provider.  The code required to authenticate varies by element and by authentication type. See Authenticate an Element Instance (API) and the specific element documentation for details.