Amazon Marketplace

Amazon Marketplace

Available in the ecommerce hub.

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Provider API Documentation Amazon Marketplace API documentation
Authentication Custom
Events Polling
Bulk Supported
Virtual Data Resources and Transformations Supported

Amazon Marketplace Element

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Authentication Prerequisites

The Amazon Marketplace element uses the awsv2 authentication workflow. Before you can authenticate an instance of the Amazon Marketplace element, you need to have registered with Amazon Marketplace Web Service (Amazon MWS) as a developer and have a seller and developer account. To authenticate with the Amazon Marketplace element you will need:

  • AWS API Key
  • AWS API Secret
  • MWS Auth Token
  • Marketplace Id
  • Marketplace Seller ID

To locate or generate the above credentials, refer to Amazon User Guide

Your AWS Access Key ID will be the AWS API Key and your AWS Secret Access Key will be the AWS API Secret.

Required Authentication Parameters

You can authenticate an element instance using the UI or via API calls. For detailed information on how to authenticate an instance, see our related documentation:

To authenticate an instance of the Amazon Marketplace element, you will need the following parameters:

Parameter Name/UI ValueAPI ValueDescriptionSource
AWS API Keyoauth.api.keyGenerated before authentication Amazon User Guide
AWS API Secretoauth.api.secretGenerated before authentication Amazon User Guide
MWS Auth Tokenmws.auth.tokenGenerated before authentication Amazon User Guide
Marketplace idmarketplace.idGenerated before authentication Amazon User Guide
Marketplace Seller idmarketplace.seller.idGenerated before authentication Amazon User Guide
OAuth Callback URLoauth.callback.urlDefault value is an Element Instance (API)

Sample Configuration JSON

"configuration": {
    "aws.api.key": "[myAWSApiKey]",
    "aws.api.secret": "[myAWSApiSecret]",
    "mws.auth.token": "[myAWSauthToken]",
    "": "[myMarketplaceId]",
    "": "[myMarketplaceSellerId]",
    "oauth.callback.url": ""

Element Fact Sheet and Reference

Authentication and Configuration Parameters

To see all authentication parameters for the Amazon Marketplace element, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to Cloud Elements and navigate to Elements.
  2. Hover over the card for an element, and then click My Resources. 
  3. In the top navigation toolbar, click Setup.
  4. From the Setup page, you can view a complete list of the element's authentication and configuration parameters.

Events and Supported Resources

Amazon Marketplace element supports events via polling. For detailed information about our Events framework and how to configure an element instance with events, see our documentation:

You can set up events via polling for the orders resource of the Amazon Marketplace element.

Queryable Endpoints

You can use CEQL to query the following endpoints of the Amazon Marketplace element:

  • GET /amazon-fulfillments
  • GET /bulk/jobs
  • GET /feeds
  • GET /inventories/amazon-fulfillments
  • GET /{objectName}
  • GET /{objectName}/{objectId}/{childObjectName}
  • GET /orders
  • GET /products
  • GET /reports
  • GET /requested-reports
  • GET /transaction-groups
  • GET /transactions

Element API Documentation

The base URL for all API requests is

Provider Documentation

Tips and FAQ

Is it Possible to Upload an Image from a Local Drive?

During feed processing, images must be stored on a non-password-protected web server so Amazon can retrieve them. Each image submitted must have a full URL, such as Amazon cannot access images stored with a secured URL (https) so be sure to use http instead. Therefore, it is not possible to upload images from a local drive using the API directly.

As a possible solution, sign up for a free image bucket service and just upload your images there and supply the correct URLs Amazon needs (e.g. A). After Amazon has the image, they store it locally so you can delete the image you have uploaded.