Microsoft Dynamics CRM Supported Versions

What versions of Microsoft Dynamics does our Dynamics CRM element support?

  • OnPrem Internet Facing Deployments: Dynamics CRM 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016
  • Cloud Versions: Dynamics CRM Online 2016, Dynamics 365
  • OnPrem G2C (non-internet facing): Not Supported Today

Does our Dynamics CRM element support on-prem deployments? 

  • Yes, if it is deployed through an IFD (Internet Facing Deployment)
    • and if so, no IP addresses are necessary
  • SDK 7 supported 

Can we use Ground2Cloud if it is not an IFD?

  • No, currently Ground2Cloud cannot support Dynamics On-Prem deployments that are not IFD
  • Dynamics does not use Ground2Cloud as it uses multiple undocumented ports underneath to perform authentication

Can I use a Dynamics 365 sandbox/account with our Dynamics CRM element?

Yes, Dynamics365 is backward compatible with our Dynamics CRM element. 

What's the URL to connect my Dynamics to Cloud Elements elements? 

The siteURL is the URL that's displayed when you log into Dynamics from a web browser. 

What's the difference between Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365?

Dynamics365 is the giant umbrella product that holds all the modules of Dynamics (a module is something like: CRM, Finance & Operations, Helpdesk etc.), and users purchase the modules they need and that’s what API access you get as a result of what you’ve purchased. Dynamics 365 offers a better, more consistent API than its legacy systems (every Dynamics CRM version 2016 and before had slightly different APIs) and should work across all Dynamics 365 versions.

Dynamics 365 Sandbox Information

Trial Access: 

Note: these trials do NOT all have API access; for example, sales does, but finance/operations does not.