Workday - Tips and Tricks

Workday is a complex element and comes with some peculiarities we will highlight in this article.

  • As of version 31.0, Workday has 43 APIs and 1850 total operations, with an average of 43 methods per API. As a consequence, only a restrained number of resources are present in the swagger. If the needed resource can not be found in the swagger, the generic GET/POST/PUT/PATCH/DELETE /{objectname} endpoint can be used to send the request and the object name field value will take the format method_Service$Operation.For example:
curl -X GET "$Financial_Management"
  • By default, Workday instances point towards the version 31.0. There are cases when the endpoint works only with a version equal to or higher than v31.1. For example, the GET /Get_Company_Organizations$Financial_Management request will throw an error if called with a v31.0 instance.
  • There are GET endpoints that have similar behavior with GET/ by {id} ones, the only difference being the fact that the ID needs to be specified in the where clause in order for the request to succeed. For i.e in the case of Get_Ledgers$Financial_Management  the request should have the following structure:
GET /Get_Ledgers$Financial_Management where Request_Reference.Actuals_Ledger_Reference.ID = 'something'