Tips and FAQ

DocuSign - Polling Tip When Promoting Integrator Key to Production

When you are promoting a DocuSign Integrator Key to Production, it is important to keep in mind that an authenticated account's traffic through a Production Integrator Key is held to Go Live requirements by DocuSign. One of the less obvious vendor requirements when polling through a DocuSign Production Integrator key/app is that DocuSign only permits requests for envelope changes once every 15 minutes.

To stay within the vendor requirements, we recommend that you set your polling interval to >= 15 minutes.



DocuSign - How to Post Envelopes

When using the POST /envelopes endpoint in DocuSign, there are a few details that you would need to know. First, to have a better overview of this endpoint and how you can use it more efficiently, we recommend reading the vendor API documentation here:

The main requirement when posting an envelope is the "name" of the document in the request body (placed in the "envelope" field) must match the name of the attached file.

Note: Special characters are accepted and passed through correctly. Example : {"name":"München"}.

Example request body:

{   "name": "example",
   "recipients": {
        "signers": [
                "email": "******",
                "name": "*****",
                "recipientId": "1"
    "emailSubject": "Subject",
    "documents": [{
        "documentId": "1",
        "name": "image.pdf"