Virtual Data Resources Automapper

When a user is building a transformation on the new Virtual Data Resource V2 UI, they have the option of enabling the UI to suggest templates for the Virtual Data Resource they're creating. 

  • While creating a new Virtual Data Resource, you need to check the Suggest Templates box on the dialog box shown below.
  • On typing the name of your Virtual Data Resource, the UI suggests a template that is the closest match for it. For example, if you entered 'mytempinvoices' as the name of your Virtual Data Resource, it suggests templates as shown below.
  • Once you select the template that is most suited to your needs, the Virtual Data Resource Automapper feature comes into play.
  • Depending on the template you chose, the Virtual Data Resource Automapper gets all the standard object definitions populated for you automatically, the most commonly used definitions being at the top.
  • Click on the Load More button to get more suggestions.
  • Save your template and select the element instance and its resources to transform.
  • Usually a screen as shown below appears and you'd require to manually add field names to map them with the object definitions on your template.
    But with the Automapper, you have the option to have these field populated automatically. Click on the Auto Suggest Mapping Button.
  • You will now see automatic mappings between the object definitions on your template and the transformation fields. You may edit them as you please. 
  • You can click on the three dots next to the Try It Out button to perform more actions.
    Click on Add Custom JS to enhance your transformation using customized JS. For some elements we display comments in this section, to make it more convenient for you in scenarios where the same Virtual Data Resource definitions can be mapped to different fields based on some conditions.
    The fields to be mapped under different conditions are displayed in the comments. You would need to map those fields to Virtual Data Resource definitions manually as you would know the conditions being used. Click on the Save button to save the transformation.

The Virtual Data Resource Automapper saves time and effort for the user by automatically suggesting templates. You would not require to manually add each and every field from scratch and also have the flexibility to make any enhancements or changes depending on your requirements.