Usage Limits

The below tables in this article  indicates the various usage limits of the Cloud Elements platform and to which environments they apply.

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Limit NameLimitDescriptionScope
Formula max request size8 MBThis is the maximum size of the input request to the formula trigger. This limit is for each formula execution.

If the limit is exceeded, the formula execution will result in a 429 HTTP error code.
Formula max step execution value log size2 MBAfter each formula step is executed, the resulting value of the step execution is logged and available to view via the formula execution audit trail. For element request or similar steps, this value will include a request/response payload, header information, etc.

If the limit is exceeded, the formula will still complete execution successfully, but the step execution value will not be available in the execution audit log.
Formula step

File Streaming

Limit NameLimitDescriptionScope
Streaming API Response Payload Size (File Download/File Upload)6 GBThis limit applies to streaming APIs, e.g., GET /files/{id}, GET /bulk/{jobId}/{objectName} and others. This limit is for the maximum download size of a file from any such APIs.

If a file greater than 6GB is attempted to be downloaded via such an API, then the request will fail with a 429 HTTP error code.
File upload/download API timeout3,600 secondsThis limit is the amount of time after which a file upload or download API will timeout. For example, if a large file is being uploaded and the internet connection used between the client and Cloud Elements is very slow, the client will need to have the file uploaded within the specified limit.

If this limit is exceeded the upload or download request will fail with a 429 HTTP error code.


Limit NameLimitDescriptionScope
Event ingest payload size8 MBThe Cloud Elements platform provides the functionality for element instances to serve as proxies for events received or polled from the service provider's API endpoint. These events, once received by Cloud Elements are temporarily persisted for further processing and/or dispatch to the owner of the element instance. This limit imposes the maximum payload size of each event received by Cloud Elements on behalf of our customer.

If this limit is exceeded the event payload will not be temporarily persisted for processing or dispatch.

API Requests/Responses

Limit NameLimitDescriptionScope
API Request/Response Payload Size (non-file upload)8 MBThis limit will be applied for the request to and response from all non-streaming APIs, platform as well as elements. An example of a platform API is "GET /formulas/{id}" and one for an element API is "POST /hubs/crm/accounts".

If this limit is exceeded for the request or response payload, the API will result in a 429 HTTP error code.
Request and Response
Javascript Execution Time30 secThis limit is for the execution completion time for a Javascript execution request. There are currently three ways to make such a request, via a pre-hook or post-hook for an element or element resource, via Javascript configured for a an element (VDR) mapping and via a script step in the v1 formula execution engine.

If this limit is exceeded, wrapping request (element API, VDR or formula script step) will result in a 500 HTTP error code.