SAP Business One Element Details

Welcome to the SAP Business One Element

Note: In compliance with our security and privacy policies, the 'Try it Out' feature in the API docs and Resources tab has been disabled for some resources in this element. For more information and a list of the affected resources, see our documentation.

SAP Business One is available in the ERP hub. Connect a SAP account to integrate with customers, ledger accounts, equipment cards, invoice drafts, and more.

Element Details

Element InformationDetails
API DocumentationSAP SDK documentation
AuthenticationCustom with Ground2Cloud
BulkNot supported
TransformationsSupported. See Define Common Resources and Transformations for more information about transforming your SAP data.

About the Element

SAP Business One is a unique element in that you need our help to authenticate with SAP and configure the element. The SAP Business One documentation is also unique as it does not provide the same step-by-step instructions as our other element docs. Instead, the intent of this topic is to help you understand the requirements, capabilities, and limits of the SAP Business One element.

The off-the-shelf version of the SAP Business One element contains only a few resources. SAP Business One has thousands of resources. If you need access to a specific resource, let us know when you set up your integration.

When you are ready to integrate with SAP Business One, contact our support team.


The SAP Business One element supports the on-premise SAP Business One software. Because it is on-premise software, you need to install Ground2Cloud to connect SAP Business One to Cloud Elements. Ground2Cloud runs as a Windows service on the with access to the SAP Business One system.

We support all versions of SAP Business One that are supported by the SAP SDK.

We support the following databases:

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008, 2012, 2014, and 2016


The SAP Business One element supports Polling one the following resources:

  • customers
  • products
  • drafts

Polling is limited because SAP Business One timestamps include only dates, not times. Therefore, polling any more than once per day, while supported, will not identify any changes. If your require more granularity in events than once per day, let us know and we can discuss workarounds for you.


We support querying the SAP Business One resources, but you must know the table column names to query. This requires knowledge of the underlying database.


We typically normalize pagination to 200 records, but SAP Business One limitations required that we paginate 20 records at a time.