PostgreSQL Overview

You can create a connection to a PostgreSQL Database in one of two ways:

  • Directly via an IP Address and Port Number, e.g.
  • Use Ground2Cloud service to connect your Database

The PostgreSQL element leverages the tables contained within your PostgreSQL database and transforms them into a collection of resources. RESTful methods (POST, GET, PATCH, DELETE) are used to interact with these resources (accounts, contacts, files). The columns in the table become the modeling attributes used to send payloads with each API call. For example a database with the following columns of data:

Jon Doe333-333-3333123 Main

transforms to this JSON body:

  "name": "Jon Doe",
  "phone": 333-333-3333,
  "address": "123 Main"

If the table contains a primary key, the Retrieve, Update, and Delete by ID APIs can be generated. If a table does not have a primary key or contains multiple primary keys, the Retrieve, Update, and Delete by ID APIs cannot be generated.

NOTE: We currently limit result sets to 50 rows for all Database elements.

NOTE: API Docs are not available for viewing as they are generated based on the information contained in the Database Table.