Microsoft SQL Server API Provider Setup

API Provider Setup

Cloud Elements supports two ways of connecting a Database:

  • Connect Directly via IP Address and Port Number
  • Use Cloud Elements Ground2Cloud service

Option 1: Connecting Directly via IP Address and Port Number

This method would require a port be exposed so a connection can be made with Cloud Elements. When creating an instance, the user would input the IP Address and Port Number exposed publicly.

Option 2: Connecting via Ground2Cloud

The Ground2Cloud integration consists of two parts: Client and Server. The Ground2Cloud Client creates a tunnel to a public Ground2Cloud Server, and enables requests from the Cloud Elements Production Cloud to transparently pass through that tunnel to reach the Client Service. Cloud Elements Ground2Cloud 1

The Ground2Cloud Client installation program is a self-unpacking executable. Once it finishes running, the Ground2Cloud Client is installed as Windows Service which constantly runs to keep this tunnel open. You generally don’t have to worry about this; once installed, the service automatically restarts in case of failure, or when your Windows machine is rebooted.

The installer also installs a GUI (Graphical User Interface) program, which can be used to monitor and manage the Ground2Cloud Client. When launched, it opens a window with simple dialogs that let you browse logs files, change configuration, and perform other management operations. Details on how to use the GUI is described in the User’s Manual.

If you are interested in using our Ground2Cloud Service, please contact us for details.