How To Use Trace Logging

Turning on trace logging enables you to view more details about your API calls than what is normally saved. These details include the exact request and response details that are sent and received from the vendor. Trace logs are only viewable for API calls made while trace logging is turned on.

Enabling Trace Logging

Log in to the Cloud Elements console, and then navigate to Use the PUT /instances/{id}/trace-logging resource along with an object with a duration property, the value of which should be an integer between 1-60 representing the number of minutes to enable trace logging. Replace the {id} placeholder with the instance id of the instance that you want to enable trace logging for. See example below:

Viewing Trace Logs

To view trace logs for API requests made while trace logging is enabled, sign in to Cloud Elements and navigate to Click on individual requests which will display their logs in a panel on the right.

Note: Trace-logging is intended for development purposes to be only activated for specific intervals and is not supposed to be kept active on Production instances.